Sunday, 25 March 2012

0655/1926 Notes from today

Saw: butterflies (a peacock, a tortoiseshell, a white one). A goldfinch who lives near me.
Leaves unfurling: apples, brambles, raspberries, hops, gooseberries.
Flowering: bluebells, pak choi, alexanders, gage (nearly).
Excited about: rhubarb, strawberries, walking onions.
Might be dead: bay tree, kumquats.
Sowed: beetroot, lettuce, mini sunflowers, the contents of the bottom of my seed tin.
Re-potted: chilli. Also potted up the mint I rescued from a very alcoholic cocktail in a bar.
Picked: nettles, but left some for the ladybirds (who are in love). Also ground elder and sorrel.
Could have picked: parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme.
Tested: my foraging apron. It was a gift from the lovely and very talented Claire Smith.
Most happy about: British Summer Time :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


This is a solargraph. It's essentially a very long exposure pinhole photograph showing the sun's path through the sky from winter solstice (lowest) to spring equinox (highest). It's my first attempt and although it didn't quite go to plan (it was supposed to be landscape!) I'm just glad it worked - three months is a long time to wait for a result!

Monday, 12 March 2012


It's finally light enough to visit the allotment after work, and warm enough to eat my lunch outside in the sunshine.

I've just had a weekend of catching up (or attempting to at least!). I got lots of work done on the plot - it almost looks under control. I'm looking forward to a year of fruit, herbs and leaves (all low maintenance you see). There may also be the odd bean and perhaps the occasional beetroot...

All of a sudden it feels like spring, and there are plenty of wild plants to gather. I spotted some early hop shoots down by the river last week, although the ones on my allotment have yet to make an appearance. There are nettles and other green leaves in abundance now, and the first flowers are beginning to bloom. I love the plum and blackthorn blossom which is everywhere at the moment - if you see white or pink candyfloss trees remember to check them later in the year for potential harvests of fruit!

I picked some gorse flowers yesterday - I was originally considering making wine but I didn't have the motivation to pick enough for that so instead I made do with bright yellow gorse flower tea.