Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Yesterday was a really good allotment day.

First thing, I got a text from a workmate, saying "I left glass cutting on your front door" (he meant grass, which I later used to mulch my potatoes).

Then I went to pick up a wheelbarrow from Freecycle, which turned out to be very useful as I spent much of the day transporting woodchips to my plot in order to make paths between my (sort-of) raised beds. I now need a gate - lifting a full wheelbarrow over a fence goes against allotment health and safety regulations. Probably!

I also, recklessly perhaps, bought a push-mower and attempted to mow the "lawn" (space on my plot reserved for barbeques etc). Hmmm...

My last aquisition of the day was an old shelf unit, which I snaffled from the skip to use in my greenhouse : )

Here's a pic of my first early potatoes, which I'm growing in an old water tank thingy (click to view bigger):

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