Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer's here...

I picked my first little courgette today!

Just been watching River Cottage, in which Hugh sliced and fried baby courgettes with a bit of garlic and a lot of mint, and ate them on toast with a yoghurty topping. Must try...

Speaking of mint, I added some of the wild stuff (water mint I think) to some homemade lamb burgers. They were nice... even though they tasted like toothpaste. Next time I will add slightly less! :)


  1. Must purchase river cottage books.
    Must bake bread.
    Freshmint or Spearmint lamb burgers ?
    Am cooking something this evening with small if not quite baby zucchinis involving baked vegetables and cous cous. Should have nippped into the Arab supermarket where I asked the bloke where Bush hall was on tuesday to see if they had any of the large cous cous that sainsburys sell in their Israeli cous cous and feta salad (also called something other than Israeli and annoying that they don't sell it) though standing at a gig holding a bag of pasta would be odd.

  2. I have Courgette Envy. Mine haven't even got flowers yet!