Sunday, 23 January 2011

Christmas part two and new year part one

I am rubbish at keeping my blog up to date. Oops! Must try harder.

For Christmas-plus-birthday I got a brilliant present from my Dad: a food dehydrator. It's yet another kitchen gadget, of course... but to be fair I do use *most* of my kitchen gadgets... really I do!

Anyway, it's quite exciting! So far I've only used it for simple things, like dehydrating fruit to go with my breakfast cereal (apples are the best). I imagine it'll really come into it's own later in the year when I'm desperately trying to preserve all of summer's bounty. I think it'll be useful for making christmas gifts too. I'd really like to try candied fruits and flowers, and also fruit leathers (which get mentioned so frequently by foragers). When I make something exciting, I'll post pictures!

Since Christmas I've had very little time for allotmenteering, because mornings and evenings are so dark and I'm usually busy at weekends. I think I'm obsessed with sunset times though - I've been watching it get lighter and lighter every evening since mid-December, and now I'm just about leaving work in daylight again. This makes me happy! Soon I'll be able to visit the plot on my way home, and then the crazy gardening year will begin once more. Can't wait! :)


  1. I've been trying to think of unusual and unsuitable uses for a dehydrator :D
    Fruit leathers just makes me think "Who ate my shoes !!!!"
    What other gadgets do you have ? Bread maker, icecream maker, smoothie maker ? All I have is a liquidizer,coffee grinder for spice grinding and a rice maker (I'm ignoring the breville toaster on the window cill). I should really get a hand held blender for the times when the amount is too small for the liquidizer.
    Yay for crazy gardening !!!

  2. Oh I can't remember all of them. The best gadget is still my cheapo breadmaker though! I love it :)