Sunday, 20 February 2011

It lives!

I visited my allotment (in the rain) yesterday, and was pleased to find that my rhubarb has survived the winter. Normally the frozen waterlogged ground gets the better of it. I might actually be able to eat some this year! The best lunch I ever had was stewed rhubarb with a poached duck egg. Yum......

February half term is traditionally when I start to actually put some effort in after winter. The nights should now be light enough for quick visits after work. Everything is starting to grow again and it makes me happy!


  1. So what happened to it in previous years ? Does it take more than a year to reach harvestable proportions ?

  2. In previous years the roots rotted in my waterlogged ground over the winter... yes, it takes more than a year. This one was grown from seed. I'd better sow some more just in case!

  3. Something's nibbled the growing point of one of mine, I think it may be a rogue rat

  4. Oh dear! If anything nibbles mine now I will be very cross...