Wednesday, 25 July 2012

0518/2102 Recent things

A few photos from July (so far)...

At the beginning of the month Matt and I camped at Symonds Yat (near the Forest of Dean). It's such a beautiful place! He has written a lovely blog post about it, so I will say no more.

A week later, adventuring in Brighton, we discovered a hidden wildflower meadow right next to one of our favourite pubs. It's actually a cleared but unused building site, completely enclosed by corrugated iron fencing, but there are a few holes big enough to poke a lens through...

Last weekend we had an allotment barbeque to celebrate the end of all that rain. Whilst waiting for my meal I rediscovered the joy of plaiting with plants (I remember making corn dollies as a child).

And lastly, I was given this amazing box of fruit! Always a good idea to be helpful to greengrocers (it's a long story)!


  1. I love the area around the Forest of Dean. In February we took our children to stay in the Youth Hostel at St Briavels- you can sleep in a real castle! Son is especially keen to visit Puzzlewood as he's a big fan of the Merlin series.

    And I clearly need to start being more helpful at the greengrocers! How lovely!

    1. That sounds great. We'll definitely be going back for more adventures. I want to see wild boar!