Sunday, 31 August 2008


I didn't mention this before, but a few months ago my greenhouse got vandalised.

My plot is on the very edge of a large allotment site, and although there's a strong metal fence which (mostly) keeps out intruders, it's open to view from the adjoining nature reserve/woods where kids build tree-houses and play at target-practice... well-aimed rocks were to be expected really. Overall I lost perhaps a quarter of the glass : (

I've considered the following plans for repair:

1. Replacing the broken panes with perspex (too expensive).

2. Replacing the broken panes with polythene (too flimsy on the sharp metal frame, no way of attaching it securely without letting too much air in).

3. Replacing the roof with clear corrugated PVC, and re-jiggling the glass to fill the gaps (this plan failed when I couldn't buy the PVC in the right lengths, and couldn't cut it either. It would also have worked out quite expensive).

4. Removing all glass from the North side of the greenhouse, using it to fill the gaps, then replacing the North side with wood (I liked this idea because it'd create a shady area next to the greenhouse where I could rest on hot days. But it'd be hard work).

5. As above, but replacing the North side with multi-coloured translucent sheets of plastic which I can buy from work (they are very thin, but rigid which should make them easy to fit. I can cut them to size with a stanley knife, and best of all they are cheap!)

As you might expect I've chosen the last option. If it works, my greenhouse will have an impressive faux stained-glass window which will look great from the outside when the sun shines through it!

Work commences tomorrow : )

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