Sunday, 8 November 2009

Seasonal cooking :)

Today's harvest consisted mostly of nettles and jerusalem artichokes, so I made nettle and jerusalem artichoke soup. The ingredients were onions + potatoes + artichokes + nettles + seasoning. It was ok - full of healthy goodness but a little bland. My plan for tomorrow is to add more flavour, which I've decided will come from crab apples and perhaps a bit of cinnamon. The resulting concoction will either be a work of genius or a complete disaster! I'll keep you posted...


  1. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls latest book has a quince and crab apple jelly recipe in it . As in dessert jelly rather than the usual conserves/preserves. I may have the quinces but not the crab apples though. What sort of flavour will crab apple add ? I would have though tart.
    Will attempt another recipe from the book for pheasant with butter beans and wine which should be good for two days as it's a whole pheasant

  2. How did you prepare the jerusalem artichoke? I dug some up, but it's very hairy and intimidating.

  3. The crab apples were a bit nasty so I didn't use them in the end. I tried a bit of lemon juice and a bit of chilli instead - it was ok but am still working on the recipe!

    The jerusalem artichokes I grow are a smooth variety (fuseau) and all I did was give them a bit of a scrub. Could you try peeling them or are they too nobbly?