Monday, 16 November 2009

Sunflower seeds

Probably not for eating... probably for sowing next year. I have plans for a bit of guerilla gardening!

Sad news - the council have chopped down (or perhaps dug up) the cherry plums in Kings Road Garden. They produced such abundant sweet fruit, and were some of the first I found in Reading. Poor little trees :(


  1. Oh no! I saw that there were JCBs in there a few weeks ago. I wonder what they're going to turn the place into? More offices or luxury flats, probably. :(

  2. By guerilla gardening you mean planting in various roadside flower beds, in the middle of roundabouts and suchlike ? Saw suchlike on the last River Cottage series (Cookery programmes presented by people other than the Rooke eater ? Really ? Noooo :D) though I think they used a different term.

  3. They were just doing "maintenance" as far as I can tell. It's still a garden. But now it has hardly any trees...

    I have all sorts of ideas for guerilla gardening. I'm not very brave though, so most of them involve sowing seeds rather than digging and planting.

    Ian, you are obsessed with River Cottage! :)

  4. Well it's more exciting than the kitchen based lot. Wouldn't catch Delia out in the briar patch with a sniper rifle waiting for Brer Rabbit (and ex footie players swearing a lot is no competition neither)