Monday, 22 February 2010

Weeks 6, 7 and 8

Week 6: Hairy Bittercress grows all over the place and at most times of the year. It tastes cress-like (surprise!) but if anything a bit stronger and hotter than the type I grow on my windowsill. It'd be great in egg sandwiches!

Week 7: Alexanders.
This photo was taken in October. The plants are much more grown-up now. I gathered a handful of the thick fleshy leaf stems and steamed them in a tinfoil parcel with a lovely fresh Pollack fillet. Both foods were from Worthing seaside :)

Week 8: Wild Chives are surprisingly common. These are growing in a cemetery in the centre of Reading. I'm sure you already know what they taste like and what to do with them...


  1. Is that really wild chive or is it crow garlic?

  2. I always assumed they were chives... but then I don't actually know what crow garlic looks like - how would I distinguish them?

  3. Crow garlic isn't quite round like a chive is, and the leaf is a little tougher, a little more strongly flavoured, and it grows taller. Also has a very different flower to the memorable purple bloom of the chive

  4. Hmmm... the cross section was certainly round, like a tube. They weren't particularly tall (perhaps the photo is misleading?). Perhaps I'll have to wait til they flower to find out the truth!

    Either way, they tasted nice in my dinner :)